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We will only ever use the personal data that you give us in accordance with the consents you give us.

Data capture > Whilst you are on our site we capture data about you both directly and indirectly. All the information given by you will be processed according to the Data Protection Act 1998.


Disclosure > We do not, nor will we ever disclose your information to third parties.


Cookies > A cookie is a small file which we send you so that we can tell how often you’ve visited and when. You can disable cookies from within your browser although you may find that your experience on the site is diminished.

Site analysis > We use a third party company to analyse how visitors interact with our site. This allows us to keep our navigation and content as relevant and usable as we can make it. This information is collected using cookies, but is not linked to any information that identifies the user.


In the future > Kelvin Lighting is committed to the digital future. As such we will continually improve the technology and methodology we use on our site. As we do so, we will always respect the privacy and preferences of our visitors.

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